Rock of the bees!

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Roquebillière is located in the heart of the Vésubie Valley just a few kilometres south of St-Martin-Vésubie and just below the village of Bélvèdere which overlooks it. The name comes from Roccabellera in Occitan or the rock of the bees.

An unlucky place!

There has been a village here on the left bank of the river since early times. However, it must qualify as one of the unluckiest in France! It suffered earthquakes in the 6th, 7th centuries as well as at the end of the 15th; landslides in the 16th and 20th centuries; floods in the 11th and 18th centuries (twice).  Furthermore, for good measure, the plague visited during the 18th century as well.

Not surprisingly, many inhabitants crossed the Vésubie settled on its right bank where there was already a church and indeed the modern town stands here. However, many remained on the left bank and their houses are still standing proudly defying the forces of nature to this day.

Market day
: Tuesday morning, April to December

At A Glance

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