Romanesque Churches

Churches built in 11th & 12th century

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Romanesque = like Rome

Over half the villages and towns in Southern Burgundy have a church built in the Romanesque style.

In the Southern Burgundy style, a Romanesque church has a simple square bell tower normally located over the cross. You also find a round apse (head of the cross pointing east) and either a stone arch or wood trusses to support the roof.

Many of the Romanesque churches were modified over the centuries. You will find a few churches that fall outside the norm. For example the church in Chissey les Mâcon has its bell tower on the west end. Remodeling took place in the 19th century. At that point the building started on the west-facing choir and transept. The original choir torn down.

Most of the Romanesque Churches in Southern Burgundy are recently renovated. Some are on top of a hill and offer good views of the surrounding landscape. When visiting Romanesque churches it is often possible to visit inside and find some information on the church’s history in English. All, except for Cluny are free to visit!


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