Rocky Butte

Enjoy a view of the Cascades

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Rocky Butte is an easy, 3.2-mile hike in Northeast Portland where you can enjoy spectacular views of Mount Hood. Or you can drive to the top. Either way, it’s a treat.

If you hike it, start at The Grotto Trailhead. The elevation is just 140 feet. At the top is Joseph Wood Hill Park with people picnicking, walking dogs, taking pictures and even practicing rock climbing.

Looking west, you can see downtown Portland with the classic St. John’s Bridge. To the northwest, you can watch the planes landing and taking off from Portland International Airport. To the east is the Cascade Mountain Range, with Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens (which blew its top in 1980) and other peaks on a clear day.

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3341 NE Rocky Butte Rd
Portland OR 97220


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