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Before you start driving into the mountains or down to Colorado Springs, visit the website run by the Colorado Department of Transportation for the latest information about road conditions around the state.

On cotrip.org you’ll find the latest available info about road conditions, such as which roads are closed and where there are slowdowns, current speed times between specific mile markers, and much more. The site also has cameras aimed at some of the problem areas, so you may get a hint of what’s ahead of you.

GoI70.com will give you current road conditions, weather, and ski area snow reports along the I-70 corridor and Winter Park. There are also links to some locale chamber sites.

You can also get some of this info on CDOT’s road update line at (303) 639-1111.

Colorado’s weather is notoriously fickle and can affect you travel plans. Visit weather tips for advice on planning for fast weather changes.

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