Riverfront Park & Trail

A Colorful Place to Play

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One of the facts of life in St. Louis is that the Mighty Mississippi and its colleague, the Muddy Missouri, occasionally get a little out of control. In 1993, they got way out of control.

So in an attempt to discipline the rowdy rivers, massive concrete flood walls are built to protect the city from the rivers. While necessary, they are also pretty ugly.

But not here at the Riverfront Park. St. Louis ceramics artist Catharine Magel engaged the people of St. Louis in creating the tile work attached to the flood wall.

Bob Cassilly of City Museum fame created the artwork along the playground from recycled products.

And the Riverfont Trail runs through it, connecting bikers, joggers and walkers with the Confluence Point State Park.

Begins just north of Laclede’s Landing downtown.

At A Glance

1246 Lewis St.
St. Louis
(314) 416-9928


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