Ristorante Andreini

Michelin One-star Restaurant in Alghero's Old Town

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Andreini is nestled into an evocative vaulted space. The restaurant uses the finest of local ingredients, including the famous Bue Rosso and the local sea food.

On our night in early spring, ricci al mare, sea urchins, were featured on a pasta with seafood cooked in a bag. The chef came out and added the fresh ricci to the unwrapped pasta. It was the hit of the night, a taste right out of the sea.

Sardinian ravioli, the traditional culingionis stuffed with potato and mint, is here served with a herb, lemon, and goat cheese condiment.

The menu doesn’t stray very far from the traditional preparations, but uses the best and freshest ingredients.

If you though Italian cheese plates paled when compared to their French counterparts, try Andreini’s. It will change your mind.

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At A Glance

Via Ardoino 45
lunch and dinner, closed Mon except in summer


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