Rising Sun Boat Tour

Cruise blue waters below red peaks.

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St. Mary Lake appears like a bright blue fjord with immense red peaks rising straight up from the water. It yields classic Glacier National Park scenery: rugged, glacier sculpted and colorful.

In the middle of the lake, tiny Wild Goose Island adds a picturesque dot of trees amid the larger scenery. The nine-mile-long lake is the second largest in the park.

The Rising Sun Boat Tour offers a way to get out on the upper half of the lake. Enclosed tour boats circle below the massive peaks while passengers to shoot photos of striking ridge lines.

Going-to-the-Sun Mountain looms to the north while Red Eagle flanks the south. To the west, the pyramid-shaped Fusillade Mountain creates a dramatic focal point for the surrounding peaks.

Several of the 90-minute boat tours go to Baring Falls. Park service naturalists guide longer, 3.5-hour tours to St.Mary Falls. Riders can also debark the boat for self-guided hikes.

At Rising Sun, the tour boat dock sits on the south side of Going-to-the-Sun Road. Tours go out mid-June through early September. Reservations are recommended.

At A Glance

Rising Sun on Going-to-the-Sun Road
Glacier National Park Montana
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