Requejo de Sanabria

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While home to just 155 residents, Requejo de Sanabria offers an eatery or two and the albergue Casa Cerviño, which pilgrims rate well.

When you first enter town, you’ll spy a cute ermita, then the parish church sitting atop a small rise across the road.

Although fountains dot the town, signs warn the water may not be potable. Your choice whether or not to risk it.

Heading out of town, look for the pilgrim memorial on your left. And beware of more upcoming Ave (high-speed train) construction.

You are 472.1 mi (759.7 km) from Sevilla and 153.8 mi (247.6 km) from Santiago.

This town has the following services: bar-restaurants, lodging, shops

At A Glance

34 980 622 243


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