Redecilla del Camino

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The Celestial City

By Redecilla del Camino, the pilgrim is officially in the province of Castile. The main highlight here is the Iglesia de la Virgen de la Calle, the Church of the Virgin of the Street. Overwhelmingly Baroque, builders erected the original church in the 12th century in Romanesque style. Since, restorers have heavily renovated it and the Romanesque aspects are less apparent.

But the highlight here is a survival from the original church, the baptismal font. Medieval stonemasons engraved its outer bowl with an elaborate and lyrical image of the Celestial City, the heavenly version of Jerusalem. It stands on a base of eight pillars.

From Redecilla del Camino to San Juan de Ortega the pilgrim enters a territory called the Montes de Oca. It used to be dangerous terrain for pilgrims. Bandits once hid in the hills and trapped people who didn’t know the terrain and robbed them. Today, it is a beautiful and peaceful place.

The river Oca runs through here and the area gets its name from the Roman settlement along the riverbank known as Auca.

Iberians and Celtiberians lived here before that, around 2,700 years ago.

The Camino continues from here to Belorado and Tosantos.

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Redecilla del Camino
Redecilla del Camino

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