Ratchawat Market

Herbs, spices, treats, rices

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This produce market may be small but it’s one of the best in the city. Anyone into Thai cuisine will learn a lot here. There are herbs, vegetables, fruit, fish and different rices.

There are mountain chains of chili paste: buy some and wrap it up well in a couple of plastic bags and bring it home with you. This ingredient alone will lead you on your way to creating authentic Thai dishes, just get a little of whichever ones look good and experiment.

There are Thai desserts here, which are becoming rarer and rarer to find as the good people of Bangkok become more and more obsessed with western sweets. The bright yellow ones all belong to the Thong family and are supposed to be good luck.

There are also a lot of puang maalai sellers here: women who string jasmine garlands to leave as offerings at spirit houses and shrines. If there’s a spirit house where you’re staying, you can buy some flowers to leave for the ancestors – but don’t sniff them; they’re not for your enjoyment!

Address: Nakhorn Chaisri between Rama V and Sawankhalok Roads

At A Glance

Nakhorn Chaisri Road at Rama V Road
Daytime, mostly closed Mondays

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