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Sounds Russian: Raskolnikov. For educated classes it is indeed – Crime and Punishment, Dostoyevsky. But when we hear Raskolnikoff (as it is spelled in German), we think of a pub and one of the best restaurants in the scene quarter of Dresden Neustadt (the New Town). First of all we love the perfect service – because they do it with skill, patience and kindness: great!

But this is only one reason why the Raskolnikoff is crowded most days, so reservations are recommended. The other is: the meals are just great. Many ingredients come from local farmers and gardeners, there is excellent beer and good wine. A specialty of the house are pelmeni, Russian dumplings with a very thin dough shell and a tasty filling. 160,000 pelmeni are made in the catacombs of Raskolnikoff, annually! A visit to the Raskolnikoff without pelmeni is like no visit. We tried trout pelmenis in fine saffron liquid – the trouts of course from a lake nearby, and the soup was reminded with lots of butter. We liked that! We discovered several axes in the soup – hand carved from vegetables: They remind one of the real axe that plays an important role in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel Crime and Punishment…

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Böhmische Straße 34
Dresden Saxony 01099

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