Rama V Memorial

Flowers for Chula

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King Chulalongkorn, or Rama V, is one of the most honored Kings of the Chakri Dynasty. Some of his major accomplishments during his reign from 1868 to 1910 include the abolishment of slavery, educational reforms, and the establishment of a ministry government.

People in Thailand don’t just remember him fondly; they remain devoted to him. In addition to the pictures of Chula hanging in people’s shops and homes, there is this equestrian statue, where people come to pay homage. They leave offerings of jasmine garlands and burning incense and sit on the ground before it.

Crowds flock here for Chulalongkorn Day on October 23. If you’re in a vehicle with a Thai driver and pass the Rama V Memorial, don’t be alarmed if he removes both hands from the wheel to wai the shrine; people get good at this with practice.

At A Glance

U-Thong Nai Road at Si Ayuthaya, in front of Anant

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