Railway Museum

From Steam to Bullet: A ride through history of China's railways

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Railway enthusiasts, of course, and those with a general interest in Chinese history will enjoy this new museum, which charts the relatively short history of China’s railways.

Housed in a former railway station – yes, trains used to come right up to Tiananmen Square! – the museum contains plenty of nostalgic old photos plus scale models of Chinese trains and train stations, including some of the most high-tech modern additions to the system.

Kids will enjoy the bullet-train simulator (¥10) and the 3D film (¥20) in the small cinema. Both cost extra, though.

Wheelchairs and baby buggies are provided free of charge, and international student cards are accepted for discounts. Other museums worth sniffing out round here include the Police Museum and the Money Museum.

2 Qianmen Dajie (southeast corner of Tiananmen Square)

Nearest subway:
Qianmen (50m)

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At A Glance

2 Qianmen Dajie (southeast corner of Tiananmen Square)
adult ¥20 (through ticket 40), students ¥10, kids under 1.2m free
9am-4pm (closed Mon)

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