Pura Goa Lawah

Bat Cave Temple

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Entrance: Adult:
Rp8,000 Child:Rp4,000 Sarong hire Rp4,000. Open 8am-6pm.

Located on the coast between Kusamba and Padang Bai, the defining feature of this particular temple are the thousands of bats lodging in the cave behind the temple. A decorative alter blocks entry to the cave which may be just as well given the state of the white and yellow sarongs draping the alter and the traditional umbrellas that guard it, the appearance of which are marred by the volume of bat guano covering them. At the front and overlooking the sea is a spacious courtyard which looks quite impressive during temple ceremonies when populated by worshippers.

At A Glance

Jl. Raya Goa Lawah
Klungkung Bali 80761

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