Pu’€˜u o Mahuka Heiau

Hawaiian temple in Pupukea

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If you trek to the North Shore to check out the big wave action of the winter surf or to swim and enjoy the wide sandy shoreline of Waimea Bay, be sure to include a bit of Hawaiian culture into your day. Just a short drive from Waimea up along Pupukea Road, one can visit the largest heiau or ancient Hawaiian religious site on the island. Access to the site is well-marked along a narrow connecting road. Constructed in the mid-1600s, the stone walls are still very much intact, and today, Hawaiians visit and leave ho’okupu (offerings) to the gods on the wooden alter. Those who come to visit are asked to respect the area since the remains of the temple are considered extremely sacred. This means you must stay on the perimeter—not inside the rock walls—of the heiau unless you are invited in by a kahuna (Hawaiian healer). Visitors are also encouraged to leave offerings as well; a lei–a flower garland–is always a nice idea.

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Pupukea Road
Haleiwa 96712

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