Provincetown Art Association and Museum

An outstanding collection with immense historical import

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Begun in 1914, PAAM was well situated in what was then considered the largest art community in the world: Provincetown. Founding Impressionists clashed with an emerging Modernist movement in the 1930s, resulting in a coin toss deciding on which end of the gallery each artistic movement would be hung.

Nowadays, the museum embraces many movements, including sculpture, music, dance, and spoken-word performances in its five galleries. The 2,000-piece permanent collection is rotated regularly, with fresh works enlivening the mix.

Special galas, workshops, lectures, films, auctions, children’s programs, and other events continue the museum’s stature as an active, engaged hub of the art community. The annual Secret Garden Tour, held in July, is always highly anticipated.

Director Chris McCarthy is a forward-thinker.

At A Glance

460 Commercial Street
Open year-round.

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