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There are plenty of places for organized and spontaneous exercise in the park. Here are links to essential information:

Biking: For dabblers, rent wheels for the day at the LeFrak Center [Link]. For lifers, join a club.

Boating: Cast off from the LeFrak Center in a paddle boat, or get serious about rowing on Saturdays.

Frisbee and touch football: The Long Meadow [LINK] is for you.

Horseback riding: Kensington Stables will set you up for a ride on the 3.5-mile bridle path.

Iceskating and rollerskating: The LeFrak Center has you covered in all seasons. Check in advance about special events for kids and grownups.

Jogging: The loop road around the park is also about 3.5 miles, or you can make your own way on dirt paths. (There are clubs for runners, too.)

Tennis: Head over to the Prospect Park Tennis Center.

Team sports: On a casual stroll through the park, you’ll see games taking place on the fields near the Bandshell and in the Parade Grounds. To get involved, check out the Prospect Park Alliances info pages on Baseball and Softball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Volleyball.

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