Prospect Park Bathrooms

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You wouldn’t expect there to be much cultural or historic significance to this entry, but the park can surprise you. One of the Prospect Park Alliance’s latest restoration projects is to convert an 1869 porticoed brick building known as the Well House into a composting bathroom (the Bronx Zoo already uses a similar system). The municipal project has run into a few delays and probably won’t be complete until 2017 or 2018. If you can’t hold it that long, here are some more conventional options inside the park:

Children’s Corner: Near the carousel and the park entrance at Flatbush and Ocean Aves

LeFrak Center: Near the park entrance at Parkside and Ocean Aves

Lincoln Playground: Near the park entrance at Lincoln Rd and Ocean Ave
Litchfield Villa: Near the park entrance at 5th St and Prospect Park West

Parade Grounds: Enter at Parkside Ave between the tennis courts and Parade Place

Picnic House: Along the Long Meadow, near the park entrance at Prospect Park West and 7th St

Prospect Park Bandshell: Near the park entrance at Prospect Park West and 7th St

There are also porta-potty-style bathrooms scattered throughout the park. Since they are by nature portable, their exact locations are subject to change.

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