Procession of Princes (Fürstenzug)

The procession of the rulers of Saxony

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The house of Wettin is a family with a history. 34 Mark counts, dukes, princes and kings of the lineage of the royal house of Wettin. The are portrayed on an artwork that is 102 meters long. It is believed to be the largest porcelain picture of the world and represents the ruling in Saxony, from Konrad  d. Große (1127) and ending with Georg, who was to become the last king of Saxony (shown as Crown Prince in 1873). Following him are people that stand for the beginning modern age, with craftsmanship and science and even the artist Wilhelm Walther, who created the impressive mural painting.

The larger-than-life parade of riders shows all regents of the house of Wettin. The painting was done for the 800 year celebration of the family’s regency and was painted 1872 to 1876 in sgrafitto technique. This wasn’t that good of an idea because sgraffito is nice to look at, but very sensitive. Around the turning of the century the first damages appeared.

What should they do? Restore? Or trying a complete new technique? It was decided to do the second and the royal porcelain manufacture in Meißen offered to implement the procession of 35 counts, princes and kings and 58 additional scientists, artists, craftsmen and farmers on 24,000 tiles. The over 330 feet long procession of princes (Fürstenzug) even survived the inferno of the bombing in February 1945.

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