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Weggis’s PoHo is, quite frankly, a little bizarre, but in a good way. Decorated in a style best described as ‘lakefront psychedelia’, you’ll find all sorts of color combinations that seem remarkably un-Swiss, such as lime green and purple, in close proximity.

Once a lakeside stalwart very much in the traditional central Switzerland mold, this excellent four-star place aims to be something different and succeeds. The refurbished rooms are boldly modern and well-appointed, and the views over Lake Lucerne are fantastic, but the most pleasant surprises come from the drinking and dining options available, which include nicely done Asian dishes, hearty Swiss favorites (served in an authentic wood-paneled stübli) and an impressive array of vintages from around the world.

In summer, the hotel’s terrace area hums with chatter and abounds with people-watching opportunities. Interesting and quirky themed packages are on offer throughout the year.

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Seestrasse 8
Weggis Lucerne CH-6353
41 41 392 25 25
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