Por Cuisine

Stunning food, nightly Apsara dance

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A two-minute remarque (tuk tuk) ride from the old market and Pub Street, this international standard restaurant serves delicious traditional Khmer and French fare served a la carte or as a Khmer fusion meal costing between US$12 to US$22 plus drinks.

A nightly performance of captivating Apsara dance is presented from 7.30pm until 8.30pm. The mesmerizing performance features traditionally trained local artist-dancers.  Apsara, more than two centuries old and originally only performed for the King, presents themes and stories inspired primarily by the Reamker (the Cambodian version of the Indian classic, the Ramayana) and by the Age of Angkor.

Owner Por, whose name proudly features in the restaurant name, had a vision of owning a fine dining restaurant back in 1983.  He started by opening a humble kiosk serving traditional noodle creations. His simple yet delicious dish became an essential part of the community diet, a taste that made his family well known and celebrated. The family tradition continues but with a state-of-the-art modern classic restaurant design and an exciting array of enticing flavors. Not to be missed.

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Street Tea Chamrath #298, Street 22
Siem Reap

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