Pont du Gard

What did the Romans ever do for Nîmes?

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The Pont du Gard has to be one of the most spectacular Roman monuments anywhere. This magnificent aqueduct built during the 1st Century AD is 50km/31 miles long and was used to channel fresh water from Uzès to Nîmes as well as being a bridge over the River Gardon.

Located between Vers-de-Pont-du-Gard and Remoulins, the three-tiered Aqueduct crosses the River Gardon. From the banks on either side there are splendid views. It is accompanied by a road bridge (now closed to motor vehicles) built in 1743 which blends in so well with the architecture that you hardly notice it!

World heritage Status

Designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985 it is the highest of all such structures. Standing nearly 49m tall and carrying 200 million litres of water per day it was a phenomenal feat of engineering. It is thought that it was used till the 9th century but it became increasingly blocked after the 4th.

Since 2000 there has been a visitor centre through which you must pass after parking your car. Here there is a multi-media exhibition including films, other displays as well as shops and eating places.

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