A Roman port city in ruins.

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This mammoth Roman archaeological site has it all. One of the most famous in the world, archaeologists have been peeling back its layers for nearly three centuries. Thus far, they have uncovered 45 of the city’s 66 hectares along with some 1,500 private spaces and public places that tell how the Romans lived… and how they died. 

From the city’s meeting and marketplace, the forum, the view towards Vesuvius, the very volcano that froze this city in time will leave you speechless. You’ll be stunned when you see the plaster casts of 13 victims stopped dead in their tracks by the volcano’s wrath. Roam around ancient Roman homes and gardens; shops, fast food joints, brothels and theaters; thermal bath houses; even their cemeteries. By the end of the day you’ll want to don a toga and sit down to a chalice of wine.

Good to Know

– Wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of water and sunscreen.
– A map and information booklet are available to download or can be picked up at the ticket office. Audio guides are also available.
– Pompeii can be seen in a few hours, but to get the most out your visit, we recommend you combine it with a visit to Vesuvius for a full day.
– Hire a guide if you are short on time.
– A work in progress, buildings and entire areas are subject to close from time to time. Find a list of what’s opened and closed here.

At A Glance

Via Villa Dei Misteri, 2
Pompeii Naples
39 081 8575347
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