Polcari’s Coffee

Catch of whiff of old-fashioned charm

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Polcari’s Coffee is a blast from the past: 1932 to be exact. Glass jars line the shelves, filled with dried spices and loose tea leaves. Big barrels hold the coffee beans and other dry goods. Workers measure out portions on brass weighing scales and ring up the customers on an old-fashioned cash register.

This charming specialty shop offers bulk teas, grains, nuts, legumes and even seed packets for gardening. Customers swoon over the wide selection of super-fresh, hard-to-find spices and coffee beans. Friendly employees seem to be on a first-name basis with everyone who walks through the door. A blast from the past, indeed.

T: Haymarket/Orange or Haymarket/Green

At A Glance

105 Salem Street
Boston Massachusetts 02113
$3-10 for coffee

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