Pretty village with idyllic bay

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Plockton is certainly one of Scotland’s prettiest villages. Here a tidy row of neatly painted cottages huddle around a small bay and overlook the heathery hillsides around Loch Carron where it joins the sea. The effects are only enhanced by a mild – gulf stream-driven – micro-climate that allows palm trees to grow here.

It was at the end of the 18th century that Plockton turned from hamlet into fishing village. Then, about a century later, it came to national attention as the setting for the 1990s BBC TV drama Hamish Macbeth (opening credits).

As a tiny place, the number of things to do in Plockton are limited. The brilliant quality of the light here inspires scores of artists to come here to paint and might inspire you too. Otherwise the main attraction is Calum’s Seal Trips (+44 1599 544306; Easter–Oct daily; £9) which involve scenic one-hour jaunts to find seals – guaranteed or your money back!; Calum also hires out rowing boats and canoes.

Accommodation & Food

There’s plenty of accommodation in Plockton including three hotels, a dozen or so B&Bs and hostel. The Plockton Hotel is probably the pick of the bunch for its fine sea views. Like the other hotels it has a good restaurant for fresh local seafood. Other options in the village include and a good and inexpensive takeaway.

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