Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn

"A rare find on Cape Cod" could not be more true!

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Mike and Stefanie Hogan purchased the Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn, a West Harwich boutique hotel, in 2015. They were drawn to it immediately and continue the previous proprietors’ dream: “to blend a contemporary interior design with a Cape Cod beach vibe whilst still respecting the historic integrity and details of the sea captain’s house. We envisioned a place that was streamlined, modern and sophisticated with a European influence.”

They nailed the key differentiators — the photos in the slide show above are worth 1000 words, doncha think?! And they’ve also focused on creating a Platinum Pebble “Experience” with utmost attention to detail and highly personalized concierge services.

It’s almost a bit staggering the level of sophistication and forethought that’s gone into making your stay the most comfortable away from home. From indoor and outdoor fireplaces, to in-room breakfasts and loaner iPads, they’ve got you covered.

About a five minute walk from the beach, the inn also has a pool should you want to forgo salt water for a change. Oh, and the Cape Cod Rail Trail is pretty darn close too! (Yes, of course they have loaner bikes…)


At A Glance

186 Belmont Road
West Harwich

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