Plateau des Antiques

Roman Mausoleum and Commemorative Arch

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Head south out of St-Rémy on the road to Maussane, the D5, and after about 1 km you will see, on the right side of the road, two magnificent and remarkably well-preserved Roman monuments which form a unique pairing not found anywhere else in France. Park in the adjacent car park.

Perfectly Preserved

These are Les Antiques – two Roman monuments constructed around 30 BC at the entrance to the old Romano-Greek town of Glanum. The ruins are just a little to the south on the other side of the road.

The Mausoleum of the Julii, to give it its proper name, is incidentally 18m (60ft) high. Not in fact a tomb but rather a cenotaph built in remembrance of the dead. Construction took place in about 30BC, just before the accession of the Emperor Augustus in honour of his grandsons.

It was built in three stages with a colonnaded chapel on the top. The middle section consists of an arch with four bays and the base is decorated with friezes representing mythical scenes.

The Triumphal Arch, constructed several years later towards the end of the reign of Augustus boasts perfectly proportions. At 12.5m long, 5.5m wide and 8.6m, it stands just outside the northern gate of Glanum alongside the Via Domitia.  It was designed to impress all who visited  with the power and all-conquering might of the Empire. Moreover, the carvings of prisoners and allegorical symbols on the arch demonstrate how devastating defeat must have been for Romes enemies.

When you’ve admired Les Antiques head across the road and if you are ready for some more culture then just walk a few metres into the ancient city of Glanum.

At A Glance

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