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If you ever wanted to be an astronaut, but flunked high school science, here’s your chance to visit the solar system.

The Planet Walk is a scale model of the Solar System. One inch equals 80,000 miles. Walk a couple of blocks and cover 1.5 billion miles. Although it’s a great educational tool for kids, it’s also not that geeky to see adults walking along and reading the signs that tell about each planet.

Mother Earth, which some believe to be the center of their own little universe, is located in front of Savvi Formalwear at 6185 Delmar. But start with the Sun, right in front of the Eclipse Restaurant in the Moonrise Hotel, and stroll all of the way to Neptune.

Sorry, Pluto, you got cut from the Planet Walk when the International Astronomical Union decided you weren’t a planet any longer.

Located in the Loop, all along Delmar on the east side of the street.

At A Glance

6185 Delmar
St. Louis


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