Place Sainte Catherine

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In town and, this square is famous for a couple of things – one more joyous than the other.

Every year, it is home to the Plaisirs d’Hiver or Winter Pret festival, the annual Christmas market that utterly dominates the place. A full-size ice rink, Ferris wheel and many stalls bring tens of thousands to the square over a 4-week period. In summer, the whole area is swamped with people looking for somewhere to eat seafood. They definitely came to the right place, as the choice is a wide one indeed.

The other, not-so-joyous thing is the church. Well, not the church itself but the fact that on the wall of the Church of Saint Catherine that faces the quai where all the restaurants are has a built-in urinal. People (men, anyway) literally pee on the side of the church. Nobody thinks anything of this, it’s just a little surprising when you realize.

Urinating on churches aside, the whole area is well worth a visit, particularly if you’re blessed with sun.

At A Glance

Place Saint Catherine
Brussels 1000

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