Place Garibaldi

A baroque square in Nice to honour an Italian hero

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The route to Turin

This pleasant Baroque square was designed by Antoine Spinelli and created during the late 18th century.  Constructed when Nice belonged to the House of Savoy it linked Vieux Nice with the new town. Originally named the Piazza Vittorio to commemorate King Victor Amédée III of Sardinia, it marked the beginning of the route to Turin.

An Italian in Nice

Later renamed Place Garibaldi after the leader of the Italian Unification. As a Nizzardo, he would have liked Nice to stay with Italy but the Niçois opted to become French.

Paradoxically almost, Garibaldi’s statue remains at the centre of the square. Recently renovated and pedestrianised following the inauguration of the Ligne d’Azur tramway which passes through, it looks better than ever.

Dont miss: the famous Café de Turin on the south side of the square.

At A Glance

Place Garibadi

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