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Place Eugène Flagey is the official name (Flageyplein in Dutch) is nearly always shortened to just ‘Flagey’ by the locals. When I say ‘locals’, this really is the case. Very few tourists seem to make it as far as this vibrant, multicultural place almost entirely dedicated to food and drink.

The Place was named after a one-time mayor of Ixelles (the commune in which Flagey is situated) and has finally settled down after some quite extensive works. There’s a market on every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and the locals of the Belgian, North African and Portuguese communities all come out to shop.

The square is flanked on one side almost entirely by the iconic Art Deco building, ‘Flagey’, formerly known as the Maison de la Radio. Sound recording is still very much a going concern in this building now largely given over to conferences, exhibitions and the arts. It’s also the home of the Brussels Philharmonic.

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Place Eugène Flagey
Brussels 1050

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