Pilgrim Heights Area

Walking with views of distant dunes, ocean and salt marshes

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The Pilgrim Heights area in Truro is where the Pilgrims quite literally got their first taste of the New World. Follow the short, easy Pilgrim Spring Trail through a tangle of azaleas, bayberries, oaks, and blueberries to the spring where the Pilgrims reportedly first slaked their thirst after their long voyage.

Small’s Swamp Trail (about the same distance) was named not for the size of the swamp or trail but rather for the farmer, Mr. Small, who grew asparagus and corn on this former 200-acre farm. By August, blueberries are ripe for the picking. In spring, look for migrating hawks. There’s a wooded picnic area.

At A Glance

Pilgrim Heights
Route 6 Truro

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