Picard’s Peanuts

Salty, Crunchy, or Sweet – They’ve Got It!

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If you’re out and about visiting any of the wineries clustered on and near Niagara Stone Road (Highway 55 on maps) and you’re a bit peckish or just in the mood for a little something to munch on – stop in at Picard’s Peanuts.

Picard’s has been in the peanut business (growers and processors) for over three decades. They are especially well known for their potato coated and flavoured peanuts. (A friend of mine refers to them as spud nuts!) The coating adds a terrific crunch and also allows them to flavour the nuts, like you can flavour potato chips. They’re delicious – and addictive.

They also sell homemade chocolates and ice creams, as well as popcorn, caramel corn, other types of nuts and nut brittles.

Oh, and yes, peanuts grow in Ontario! (It’s an agriculturally rich province – wine is just one of many wonderful things that come from our soil.)

At A Glance

RR#2 1835 Niagara Stone Rd.
Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario L0S 1J0


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