Phnom Penh

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Make it a four-day stay in Phnom Penh and discover attractions known only to insiders like the bar scene in Bassac Lane off Street 214 and the food mecca of Street 172. Welcoming visitors is the glittering Royal Palace. Close by is the National Museum of Cambodia, home to priceless antiquities and Khmer treasures.

City tours include the grim Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and Choeung Ek Killing Field. Sisowath Quay runs along the riverfront. The sprawling art deco Central Market is alive with bargain shopping and food that includes deep-fried tarantulas.

South of the city beckons the Russian Market, a sprawl of stalls offering souvenirs, handmade silks and designer clothes at impossibly low prices. Closer to the city is the Aeon Mall, an ultra-modern shopping experience near the futuristic Diamond Island development. Get a haircut at the Space Salon or Chan Tou or Mr Seang Hai on Street 13. Have your dental check up at the Malis Dental Clinic. Golf at the Cambodia Golf and Country Club is world class. The Phnom Penh nightlife begins at the FCC and goes late.  Vibrant and exciting.

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