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The most beautiful Dairy in the world

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Modesty sounds different: The most beautiful dairy in the world! But honestly: Do you know a dairy that is more beautiful. Or do you even know another dairy? I don’t – neither.

You still can buy milk and cheese in the shop, but customers today are normally tourists and not people from the neighborhood – so be prepared to enter something like a museum with selling ambitions.

Things startet different, of course, when farmer Paul Pfund came to Dresden  in 1879 – accompanied by his wife, six cows, six pigs and a head full of ideas. The most successful was as simple as a good idea has to be:Bring some hygiene into the business of milk selling – which was a challenge in the times of poorly cooled milk that usually was transported in open wagons from neighboring villages (which on their way back were loaded with old clothing or kitchen waste).

Pfund started his business in a small shop in Dresden Neustadt and was successful, so he had to move to the place that can still be seen. He founded (with his Brother Friedrich) Gebrüder Pfund dairy in Dresden in 1880. The Pfund brothers were the first to produce condensed milk in Germany – and with condensed milk the worldwide success of the company began.

The representative main building of the company in the Bautzner Straße 79 was built in 1891. Among the office premises of the shop, which was in 1882 completely lined by Villeroy & Boch Dresden with tiles and building ceramics in neo-Renaissance style was. Tiles and structural ceramic elements created employees of the company Villeroy & Boch Dresden in cooperation with Dresdner artists. This work of art is from floor to ceiling handmade ceramic elements. Even the coverings of bar and fridge behind the bar are decorated with tiles and ceramic elements.

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At A Glance

Bautzner Straße 79
Dresen Saxony 01099
49 351 - 840 87

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