Pet Policies at Everglades National Park

Leave them home, love them later

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The Everglades wilderness is not pet friendly. Dogs are a favorite alligator snack, as news stories every year report of animals attacked in their yards. Or taken by a gator when a dog and its owner were walking near a lake or pond. (Every Florida pond or lake probably has a resident alligator or two.)

You do not want to be in a situation where you have to wrestle your pet from an alligator. The outcome, even if you manage to win, is not likely to be satisfactory for the pet or you.

Pets are allowed in Everglades camping areas and several other locations. Alligators, however, will sometimes stroll right through the middle of the Flamingo Campground when campers are few.
If you love your pet, leave it home.

Leashed pets under supervision are permitted:
*On roadways open to public vehicular traffic
* In roadside campgrounds and picnic areas
* On the maintained grounds surrounding public facilities and residential areas
* Aboard boats

Check park headquarters at  Homestead for the latest policy when you arrive.

At A Glance

40001 State Road 9336
Homestead Florida
(305) 242-7700

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