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Conchi Blanco owns this Laza inn, which is comfortable, quiet and clean. Don’t be put off by its odd entrance, which is through the doors of a now-closed restaurant. Or by the dilapidated concrete structure that sits adjacent to the inn; this is where you’ll hang your clothes to dry if you wash them during your stay.

The inn, which is tucked on a floor above the restaurant, features six rooms with private baths and a spacious living area with a TV, comfy seating for five or six and a small kitchen with a large table.

Just off this all-purpose room is a laundry area with a washing machine (soap is provided), tub for spraying off boots and the like, and a drying rack. As earlier noted, you can also dry your clothing outside on the clothesline strung across the concrete structure (a nice breeze blows through it).

There’s also a place to stash your bike, if you’re biking the Camino, plus free WiFi.

Conchi provides coffee and tea in the inn, along with packaged cakes (madelines), crackers and cereal. The fridge typically has some orange juice, milk, butter and jam; if you’re lucky, there may even be a beer or two in there. Sometimes tomatoes, oil, vinegar and salt are available as well.

If you want to make your own meal, the kitchen is fully furnished and even includes an espresso machine.

Extra contact info

Evening phone #: +34 988 414 172

At A Glance

Estrada de Cerdedelo, 24
Laza Ourense, Galicia 32620
34 988 414 172
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