Patrick Creek Lodge

The lodging standard for the far north

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Located by the Smith River, considered the cleanest river in the U.S., this lodge takes you back in time to when a log cabin actually meant big huge logs stacked on top of each other to construct a house.

Built in the 1800s, this has long been a stopping point for travelers commuting between the coast and the inland mountains. You might call the rooms rustic, but most stay here for the history and location, not the thread count of the sheets. The 17 rooms and cabins are free from technological distractions — the lobby has a TV and wifi. They open the swimming pool in summer.

Many come for the historic restaurant and bar, which serves three meals daily in a timbered space. Locals swear by the shrimp scampi, though the meat selection is definitely a selling point for those with a healthy appetite.

At A Glance

13950 US 199
Gasquet 95543
(707) 457–3323

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