Park Chalet

BBQ and brews in the park

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Park Chalet could easily rest on its laurels and draw a crowd just because of its location. Nestled in a cozy nook in Golden Gate Park (with views of the ocean across the street), this part indoor, part outdoor brewery inspires families to make the trek to outer Sunset on sunny (and foggy) days.

Besides the limited menu when you sit on the grass, sipping freshly brewed beer, there is no better place to bring wild children to eat. With endless space to explore, climb trees, build forts and run; kids are entertained so mom and dad can drink. On warm days blankets overlap, make new friends (mostly based on who your kid is playing with), toss a ball around while eating four cheese macaroni.

If you can’t bear the cold, head inside, where you can sit before the fireplace and order off of a much more attractive menu. On summer days there is often live music and they kick the BBQ into gear. Sometimes you have to wait awhile for a waiter to notice you (or muscle your way to the bar) but that is part of the allure.

Upstairs the Beach Chalet serves pricier fare with ocean views. Around the front of the building, check out the historic mural crafted by Lucien Labaudt that celebrates San Francisco’s tourist destinations.

Muni: J, 5 (last stop).

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San Francisco
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