Papohaku Beach Park

Picnics on pink sand

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Papohaku Beach Park, on Moloka‘i’s extreme west end, is one of the longest beaches in Hawai‘i. And it’s one of the most rarely used. Pink sand blankets the exceptionally deep and long beach, where your footsteps will often be the only ones.

The downside is that sometimes sand stirred up by fierce tradewinds will scour your face and any other exposed parts. And on most days the surf will be far too strong for swimming. Good snorkeling is around rocks at the north end. For safer swimming, head to Dixie Maru Park a bit farther south along Kaluakoi Road.

But even if the winds kick up, a long grassy strip lines the beach beyond the parking lot. It offers shelter in a shaded strip. Restrooms, picnic tables, water, and camping are available.

The park is a good destination if you are making the drive along the western half of Moloka}i.

At A Glance

MM 14.9, Kalaukoi Road
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Sunrise to sunset except for campers

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