Pandara Market restaurants

Decisions, decisions - Indian, Japanese, Thai or Chinese

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Pandara Market has a number of mid-range restaurants popular with visitors. That popularity can be measured by the number of snake charmers, postcard sellers and other street hawkers you have to thread your way through to get to the restaurants. If a coach trip has just arrived before you and gone into the restaurant of your choice then choose another to avoid waiting.

Gulati (phone +91 11 2338 8836) specialises in North Indian cuisine.
Ichiban (+91 11 2338 6689) is good and the Chinese, Japanese and Thai food is some of the best in Delhi.
Pindi (+91 11 2338 7932) also has an Indian and Chinese menu.
Havemore (+91 11 2338 7070) specialises in North Indian.

At A Glance

Pandara Market, New Delhi
Delhi Delhi 110003
meals for two about Rs.800

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