Palazzo Reale

Royal by design!

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Palazzo Reale is everything a palace should be. It’s one extravagantly and lavishly appointed room after another, adorned in luxuriant furniture, paintings, tapestries, and pretty and priceless objects.

Take a moment to take in the Grand Staircase. It’s one of the finest in all of Europe. Delight in the whimsy of the Court Theater. Be tantalized by the Throne room. Isn’t it, majestic? Find yourself tilting at windmills in the Don Quixote room.

This palace may have been built by the Spaniards but the version we see today, including the addition of the San Carlo Theater is owed almost entirely too the Bourbons, Charles VII of Naples to be exact. Since one is never enough, he also built three other palatial estates in Naples: Capodimonte, Portici and Caserta Palace. It was the palace’s final monarchy, the Savoys, however, who moved the Biblioteca Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele III to the palace’s east wing.

At A Glance

Piazza del Plebiscito, 1
Naples 80132
39 081 5808111

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