Palace of Fine Arts

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The 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition was a big deal. Not only did it mark the completion of the Panama Canal, it was also the unveiling of San Francisco as an international metropolis, completely rebuilt after the 1906 Great Earthquake that destroyed the city.

During what was otherwise known as the World’s Fair of 1915, the area in today’s Marina District was transformed into a small city exhibiting the innovations and wonders of the time. When the fair ended, most of it was torn down with the exception of the Palace of Fine Arts. Existing where it once stood, the monument of arches, a great dome and columns in the Beaux-Arts style is one of San Francisco’s most stunning free attractions. The stunning pond complete with swans swimming makes the Palace of Fine Arts an ideal place to spend a sunny afternoon.

At A Glance

3301 Lyon St.
San Francisco 94123


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