Quaint historic Willapa Bay town.

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Little 1880’s Oysterville, with homes and streets intact, is worth the short scenic drive to the northern part of the Long Beach

Willapa Bay oysters have been the draw for over 100 years. In the mid 1800s, the village of Oysterville began to prosper after Chief Nahcati introduced the town’s founders, R.H. Espy and I.A. Clark, to oysters. The rich oyster beds of Willapa Bay were responsible for Oysterville’s prosperity.

Oysterville began to decline when, in 1880, the long-awaited Clamshell Railraod ended at Nahcotta and native oysters began to become scarce.

Today, the entire community is on the National Historic Register and the original one-room schoolhouse and church are still in use for community events.  You can easily walk the short streets of Oysterville and enjoy the well-maintained homes and buildings. Each home, most are privately owned, has a sign in front of it with a date and information on the families who originally lived there. The Oysterville Post Office is oldest continuously operating Post Office in Washington. (Oysterville Walking Tour)

When you are in Oysterville, be sure and drive out to Oysterville Sea Farms. They have a store and you can see the Oyster harvesting operation.

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