Ostuni, Puglia

The White City

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Ostuni is known as the white city, or citta’ bianca, because of its whitewashed old quarter. From afar the white town perched on a hill is a stunning sight.

The well-preserved historic center, or centro storico, is a pedestrian zone of small streets and arched alleyways inside the ancient walls. There are a number of souvenir shops near the entrance as you start up Via Cattedrale. The Romanesque-Gothic cathedral was built in 1495 using the local soft limestone typical of buildings in the area. The interior was restored in the 18th century and has a Baroque altar but some of the older frescoes can still be seen. Above the entrance door is a beautiful rose window.

Ostuni is a good place to just wander but there are a few monuments including the cathedral, the nearby Bishop’s Palace, and old houses once owned by the wealthy.  Walk by the walls to see the defensive towers and gates as well as good views of the valley below.

Osteria Piazzetta Cattedrale is a good place to eat in the center and if you want to spend the night in the old town consider Relais la Sommita’.

Ostuni is about 8 kilometers from the sea and 30 kilometers from Alberobello trulli zone but there are some trulli in the area around Ostuni, too.

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