Osprey Locations in Everglades National Park

Bald eagle look-alike

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In ENP, wherever you find water and fish you’ll usually find an osprey, one of the largest birds of prey in North America.
This fish hawk nests everywhere including the limbs of dead trees as well as many man-made structures such as the tops of channel markers and atop telephone or electrical transmission poles.

Fish account for almost 99% of an osprey’s diet. It skims the water to catch its prey using barbed pads on the soles of its feet.

The American osprey is often mistaken for the bald eagle because both have brown and white markings. However, the different color patterns of the two are easy to distinguish.
An osprey’s white head has a distinct brown band through its eye and on the side of its face and its upper tail feathers are colored.

Both the head and tail feathers of a bald eagle are unmistakably white.
Confusion solved.

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