Oplontis – Villa of Poppaea

An Empress's summer sanctuary.

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We can’t say for certain that this was the home of Nero’s second wife, Sabina Poppaea, but if it was, that fact would certainly add a bit of intrigue to this splendid and well preserved Roman era villa. What we can say about Villa Poppaea is that of all of the Pompeii Sites, this excavation feels the most intimate and the frescoes here are the most abundant and most divine.

The villa sits 10 meters below street level in the modern day town of Torre Annunziata (Roman era Oplontis). You can’t tell by looking at it now, but in its heyday, the villa had spectacular sea views. Among the many rooms that are open to wander are a large atrium, dining and reception rooms, the villa’s kitchen and several rooms of the villa’s private baths. Outside is a 61 meter long (200 foot) swimming pool.

Good to Know

– Like the Stabian Villas, Oplontis is not nearly as well known as Pompeii or Herculaneum, thus there are far few visitors.
– A map and information booklet are available to download or can be picked up at the ticket office. Audio guides are also available.

At A Glance

Via dei Sepolcri
Torre Annunziata
39 081 8575347
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