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Written by Robert Klein Engler

you for [reading] this poetry product. We are committed to your
satisfaction. For your convenience, please record the stanza number
below. This poem meets all state and local mandated affirmative action
programs. Warning: Do not exceed the limits of understanding imposed by
your age, race, gender or social class. Too much insight may impede
performance. Do not force the mind open. Store in a cool, dry place away
from books. If you experience a ringing in your ears, stop asking
questions immediately. Not safe for use in Paris. Children under
eighteen must operate without the help of a parent or guardian. If this
poem fails to perform properly, please consult an experienced
technician. This poem has been tested and complies with all grade C
literary devices. Modifications or improvements not expressly approved
by the Poetry Center may void the government warranty.

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78 E Washington
Chicago 60602

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