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Who knew you could dream up +40 flavors of popcorn? Or that flavors like Loaded Baked Potato€ or S’mores€ could be recreated in popcorn? If you love popcorn or are just the curious kind, head over to Oodlesmack.

The shop makes its popcorn daily on-site, although workers don’t make every flavor every day. Still, the popcorn available is never more than a week old, and usually no more than a few days old.

There are four categories of flavors, but the categories aren’t always intuitive. For example, Cheeses includes white cheddar, but also pizza and salt-and-vinegar. Candy includes flavors like banana and cheesecake. Specialty is full of surprises: white chocolate, Butterfinger and horchata, to name a few.

Some of the flavors taste as billed, while others really don’t. So before you buy, ask for a sample – they’re happy to give them out, and will probably offer before you ask.

The popcorn comes in several sizes, from mini up through party size. Prices depend on the type of popcorn, with Specialty flavors the priciest. And yes, the shop sells regular popcorn, too (it’s the cheapest), along with a somewhat oddball selection of items like nuts, cupcake-flavored toothpicks and bacon mints.

Oodlesmack is part of the Concept Attractions group, which includes Ripley’s and Wizard Quest.


Wizard Quest gives out discount coupons for freeing wizards, and some of those coupons are for Oodlesmack.

When Oodlesmack says a flavor is spicy, believe them.

At A Glance

105 Broadway
Wisconsin Dells WI 53965


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