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A sister property to Atlantis, it shares its amenities but boasts its own untouchable level of service and accommodation. It feels worlds away from Atlantis.

To start with, the property is drop-dead gorgeous with lush grounds, its Versailles Gardens and terraced Cloisters, shimmering emerald lawns, and amazing sea views. With boutique air, it relies on a storied history involving the frivolous A&P heir Huntington Hartford II and a meticulous present to make it stand out.

Its 18-hole golf course, high state-of-the-art fitness center, unique spa, and $25 burger dining experiences add to the allure.

Naturally, the 108 rooms, suites, and villas are elegant utmost with touches such as complimentary laptops for your use while staying in the suites, bidets, hardwood floors, rainforest showers, rich plantation-style furnishings, and oval whirlpool baths.

Despite the glamor, One&Only is family friendly, but adults do have their own pool. A new beachfront pool with bar and grill is underway.

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